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Spa Treatments

Welcome to the Island Spa at Caribe Royale, Orlando

A pampering spa experience is just what you need after a long day at the parks. The Island Spa in Orlando is located within Caribe Royale, on the first floor of Tower III, adjacent to the resort pool. We are open daily and welcome hotel guests, event attendees, and our local neighbors to take a break from the crowds and indulge in a restorative island-inspired spa experience.

Request a spa appointment at our Orlando, Florida spa and wellness center.


CANCELLATION & RESCHEDULING POLICY | We require 4-hour notice prior to your appointment to avoid being charged for the full amount of your service.

ARRIVAL | We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled service to check in and relax. Late arrivals will result in an abbreviated service.

SERVICE CHARGE | For your convenience a 20% service charge will be added to the cost of your treatment.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS | We respect the health of our guests. If you have a medical condition, we ask that you consult your physician prior to receiving spa services. You are responsible and required to disclose all medical information to your therapist.

FOR YOUR COMFORT | Please leave your valuables at home and dress comfortably.

FOR THE COMFORT OF OTHERS | Please turn off or silence cell phones and other electronic devices. Photos are prohibited in the spa.

SPA PARTIES | Please contact our Spa Concierge to learn about spa parties for your special event or group. Advance notice is required for group bookings and reservations are limited. Group cancellation policies apply.

Essential Balance

In our fast-paced, modern world finding balance is synonymous with internal well-being. Balance brings harmony within us—find your center with Privai. This 105-minute ritual revitalizes the mind and body with a silk exfoliation treatment to refresh the skin. A blissful vitamin-E massage releases overwhelming tension and imbalance from the body. A green-tea infused face massage and eye masque promote a youthful appearance by calming, hydrating and soothing the skin. Stones are strategically placed to dissolve energy blocks and re-establish balance in the chakras. The ancient art of reflexology is utilized through pressure points on the hands and feet that correspond to specific muscle groups and organs of the body. A singing bowl finishes the sequence by emitting healing sound and stimulating the heart chakra. Find your balance every day, cherish the need to step back, take a deep breath, go on a walk and enjoy the smell of the flowers.

105 minutes – $350

Restorative Sleep

Slip into a deep and peaceful sleep tonight with Privai. Sleep is essential for recharging your mind and body. This luxurious 130-minute ritual was designed to help enhance your sleep quality by establishing profound relaxation and relief from stress that builds throughout the day. Certified organic pillows and linens envelop the body, while parasympathetic massage techniques paired with divine essential oils are used to calm and soothe the nervous system. Weighted blankets offer restorative pressure and a warm comfort similar to being held. The art of reflexology completes the ritual—implementing rose quartz, the stone of love, and a heavenly Ultra Rich Body Butter foot massage that will send you into a blissful sleep in no time.

130 minutes – $405

Sacred Beauty

I am beautiful. Repeat this as a daily mantra. Self-love is what makes you shine from within. Find your true beauty with Privai. This 130-minute ritual uses rose quartz, the stone of love, to reduce inflammation, support lymphatic drainage and connect you to the heart chakra, the energy center of love. A full body silk-infused exfoliation and Aqua Gel Masque hydrates, softens and soothes the skin, while cocooned in warm layers of fine linen. A customized pressure massage alleviates stress and sources of pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release movements. A sublime experience designed to reawaken love for yourself. We all have within us the potential for a beauty so magnificent, our bodies can’t contain it.

130 minutes – $435

Beautifully Balanced

Detox Body Treatment – 50 minutes, Balancing Facial – 50 minutes

100 minutes – $230

Island Indulgence

Therapeutic Massage – 50 minutes, Signature Facial – 50 minutes

100 minutes – $240

Fountain of Youth

Age-Defying Beauty Facial – 100 minutes, Privai Anti-Aging Treatment – 50 minutes

150 minutes – $350

The Island Upgrade

You deserve more. Upgrade your spa service to allow our talented therapists to focus extra time on problem areas specific to your personal needs.

25 minutes – $65


Heated Shells  – $25                            Full Face Collagen  – $35

Hydrating Face Masque  – $25            *LED Light Therapy  – $35

Gemstone Eye Lift  – $25                     *Corrective Peel  – $35

Gentle Body Exfoliation  – $25             *Lifting microcurrent  – $35

Scalp Therapy  – $25

Ultra-Rich Hand Repair  – $25              *Available in facial services only

Exfoliating Foot Treatment  – $25

Island Princess Mani & Pedi

A spa experience for your little princess. Includes a mini manicure, pedicure and masque.

50 minutes – $55

Gel Manicure

Hand & Arm Massage | Nail Shaping & Gel Polish of Choice | Instant Dry Results.

50 minutes – $65

Gel removal – $15

Extended Wear Polish

Enhance your nail treatment with an extended wear polish.


Express Shape & Polish

Nail Shaping & Polish of Choice.

15 minutes – $30

Signature Pedicure

Foot Exfoliation | Leg & Foot Massage | Moisturizing Masque | Nail Shaping & Polish of Choice.

50 minutes – $65

Signature Manicure

Hand Exfoliation | Hand & Arm Massage | Moisturizing Masque | Nail Shaping & Polish of Choice.

50 minutes – $45

Healthy Habits Facial

This deep cleansing facial incorporates a detoxifying masque and plant extracts to soothe troubled skin. Includes a lesson on healthy skin habits.

50 minutes – $115

Gentlemen’s Facial

Steamed towels and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage melt away tension in this classic skin conditioning facial. Includes a two-step cleanse, exfoliation and targeted facial masque.

50 minutes – $125

50 minutes – $110 (mid-week price*)

* Mid-week pricing is applicable Monday through Thursday only; exclusions may apply.

Balancing Facial

Rediscover your skin’s true beauty with this botanically-infused Privai facial. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, masque and soothing serums enhanced by a relaxing face massage.

50 minutes – $125

50 minutes – $110 (mid-week price*)

* Mid-week pricing is applicable Monday through Thursday only; exclusions may apply.

Age-Defying Facial

Reinvent your skin with a Privai Ageless Beauty Facial. A highly active peel is enhanced with anti-aging serums and a vitamin-rich masque to combat years of environmental damage, premature aging and fine lines.

100 minutes – $250

Signature Facial

Awaken your inner beauty with this personalized, results-driven facial. An organic, hand-crafted milk and honey masque featuring crushed lavender provides gentle skin exfoliation and ultimate hydration.

50 minutes – $135

100 minutes – $240

Detox Body Treatment

This purifying treatment rejuvenates and revitalizes the face and body. A detoxifying dry exfoliation, nutritive body wrap and Privai Phyto Clay Masque brighten and tone the skin.  Includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

50 minutes – $130

Cabana Massage

Experience a Relaxation Massage in one of our poolside cabanas. Available with cabana rentals only.


Couple’s Massage

Experience Island’s most popular services together in our double massage room. Includes a glass of champagne.

$ Price varies based on services selected.  A $20 upcharge will be added for the use of the Couple’s Suite.

Heated Shells Massage

Heated shells gently restore stagnant energy and relieve tight muscles in the body. Complete with a cool stone face massage and Privai’s antioxidant-rich facial oil to relax the mind and enliven the senses.

100 minutes – $240

Prenatal Massage

During this pampering experience, expectant mothers will feel nurtured with a full body massage, relieving the common discomforts associated with pregnancy.

50 minutes – $130

Privai Anti-Aging Body Treatment

This premium body treatment includes a silk polish exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage with Privai oil and an anti-aging acupressure face massage with CoQ10 to reduce fine lines.

50 minutes – $140

50 minutes – $120 (mid-week price*)

* Mid-week pricing is applicable Monday through Thursday only; exclusions may apply.


Therapeutic Massage

This signature therapeutic massage includes deep tissue techniques complimented by Privai’s Muscle Therapy Lotion, a concentrated blend of lavender, camphor and menthol essential oils, resulting in reduced inflammation and increased circulation.

50 minutes – $130

100 minutes – $250

Relaxation Massage

The ultimate antithesis of stress. A light to medium pressure massage with the healing benefits of therapeutic botanicals and steamed towels.

50 minutes – $120

100 minutes – $230

50 minutes – $110 (mid-week price*)
100 minutes – $210 (mid-week price*)

* Mid-week pricing is applicable Monday through Thursday only; exclusions may apply.