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6 Top Trends for Orlando Weddings in 2021

Did you postpone your wedding to 2021 due to the pandemic? While surely disappointing, there are silver linings thanks to big changes in the wedding industry as a whole. Here at Caribe Royale Orlando, we have been creating beautiful weddings for years, and our event team is harnessing these trends to make your special day even more magical. With smaller guest lists and safety in mind, couples are able to allocate more money from their budgets to aesthetics. Thanks to a plethora of ideas on social media, weddings are going big with visuals as well as the guest experience — bolder colors, bigger flower arrangements, varied entertainment, and luxe food and beverages. Sleek, understated weddings are stepping aside for to-the-max wedding styles, allowing Pinterest dreams to become a reality. Here are six of the biggest trends to embrace for your perfect 2021 wedding.

  1. Beautiful Lighting

Whether it’s making a larger space seem cozier, better accommodating a small guest count or highlighting unique decor, expect to see lighting play a bigger role than ever before. Think outside the box and look at different ways to uniquely integrate lighting. From exposed bulbs to mini lampshades to vintage chandeliers to candles reflecting on a sparkling lake, there are many ways to add a magical, mystical feel to your reception — not to mention it’ll look fantastic in photos! To truly set the mood, consider building illuminated “caves of wonder” or creating curtains fashioned from countless strings of fairy lights. Especially popular right now are LED light signs with fun images or catchy phrases, delicate hanging basket lanterns and modern tube lighting.

  1. Personalized Service

With social distancing now firmly ingrained in our culture, we’re seeing a decline in “crowding moments” like ordering at the bar, grabbing a slice of cake or a party favor, or finding an escort card. Instead, couples have opted for more personalized service. Our Caribe Royale food and beverage team can create single-serve items like bento boxes of hors d’oeuvres, individual charcuterie boards or mason jars supplemented by dips and dressings to replace crowding around a server or food station. This is also a chance for the bride and groom to imprint their own stamp on their wedding day by creating signature cocktails and desserts. Couples are also putting together boxes with ceremony programs, favors and other details to hand out to each guest. Not only does this personalized service make for a more luxe experience, it’s also a solid safety measure.

  1. Weekday Weddings

Due in part to the postponement of 2020 weddings to 2021, weekday weddings are becoming the new normal. This past year, one in three nuptials were held on a day other than Saturday, and that trend will certainly rise in 2021. Hosting a wedding on a non-peak day of the week can actually help you save tens of thousands of dollars. Minimums shifts and more negotiations are made possible for weekday celebrations. Our Caribe Royale events team can advise you on the dates available at a lower cost.

  1. Large Florals

Couples are going bigger in smaller ways in 2021. One way they’re making a statement is by going over-the-top when it comes to decor. Voluminous floral arrangements that are equal parts breathtaking and sentimental exemplify this trend. Oversized floral installations, like dramatic ceremony backdrops or floral chandeliers, make a major statement and garner plenty of likes on the ‘gram. Couples are also complementing dramatic hanging floral pieces with wood and metallic accents for a grandma-inspired, modern Millennial style. Speak to your florist about how they can layer up displays with an explosion of color. As for the bridal bouquet, it’s all about understated tidy arrangements with plenty of overflowing greenery for a majestic look.

  1. Going Sustainable

Studies have found that one wedding day produces the same CO2 emissions as five people will produce in one year, hence, couples are cutting back on unnecessary waste and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Some great ideas for a sustainable wedding include opting for locally grown meat and vegetables or a vegan menu; serving local beers and spirits; choosing a venue with a beautiful backdrop that doesn’t require lavish decoration that will end up in a landfill; and going plastic-free on your big day. In fact, one of the newest wedding trends is for couples to upcycle. They’re repurposing decor, eliminating tossed goods, sourcing locally grown flowers that can be given away to good causes or shared with other couples using the venue, and composting leftover food.

  1. Relaxed Vibes

Lockdown has been a period of reflection for many about what’s truly important and, for some couples, that will crystallize exactly who they want in attendance on their special day. Couples are opting for more intimate, meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest. Eco-friendly, super affordable and significantly less stressful to plan, micro weddings are a great option for couples who simply want to scale back to just the few family and friends they can’t live without. While micro weddings are still a refined experience, more and more couples are choosing to host a more laid-back event for their big day. To help deliver a cool, calm and relaxed yet personal vibe, opt for pastels like lilac, pastel pink, yellow and peach tulips and sweet peas with a pop of color, such as orange or coral.

If you’re seeking to start your lives together with a wedding in Orlando, you’ve come to the right location. Whether you’re seeking a relaxed micro-wedding, a sustainably chic affair, or an over-the-top gala event, our Caribe Royale events team is here to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Bring your imagination — our wedding professionals will handle the details so you can focus on your happily ever after.

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