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Cabana Massage

Experience a Relaxation Massage in one of our poolside cabanas. Available with cabana rentals only. $145

Couple’s Massage

Experience Island’s most popular services together in our double massage room. Includes a glass of champagne. $ Price varies based on services selected.  A $20 upcharge will be added for the use of the Couple’s Suite.

Heated Shells Massage

Heated shells gently restore stagnant energy and relieve tight muscles in the body. Complete with a cool stone face massage and Privai’s antioxidant-rich facial oil to relax the mind and enliven the senses. 100 minutes – $240

Prenatal Massage

During this pampering experience, expectant mothers will feel nurtured with a full body massage, relieving the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. 50 minutes – $130

Therapeutic Massage

This signature therapeutic massage includes deep tissue techniques complimented by Privai’s Muscle Therapy Lotion, a concentrated blend of lavender, camphor and menthol essential oils, resulting in reduced inflammation and increased circulation. 50 minutes – $130 100 minutes – $250

Relaxation Massage

The ultimate antithesis of stress. A light to medium pressure massage with the healing benefits of therapeutic botanicals and steamed towels. 50 minutes – $120 100 minutes – $230 50 minutes – $110 (mid-week price*) 100 minutes – $210 (mid-week price*) * Mid-week pricing is applicable Monday through Thursday only; exclusions may apply.